Jim McLean Golf School

Jim McLean Golf School

Learn from one of the best golf schools in the country, with highly trained instructors and a customizable system to suit every student. Please contact John Hafera, PGA Director of Instruction at 301.529.2868 or via email at [email protected] to register now!

Summer / Fall Golf Instruction Programs

Private Lessons: $175 per hour (Members) $225 per hour (Guests)

Two or three person lesson: $200 per hour (Members) $250 per hour (Guests)

Junior Lessons (18 and under): $125 per hour

Two or three person junior group: $150 per hour


Swing & Play

Monday and Friday evenings starting at 4:00 (Additional times are available on request)

Three hour session, the first hour is warm up and video swing analysis. The next two hours are on the course where course management, short game, various lies, slopes and the myriad of conditions that are unique to the game. Understanding and improving swing technique as well as enhanced thought processes during play are the goals of this program.

Limited for up to three players (two player minimum, four player maximum player) $225 Members, $250 guests

Private (single player) $525 Members, $675 guests


One Day Swing & Play Golf School

Wednesdays starting at 9:00 AM (Additional times are available on request)

Five hours of instruction, with a break after the first three hours. Start with three hours of long and short game coaching. Our teaching tools include full screen video analysis, video overlay, HD Golf shot data, and K-Vest 3D motion capture with real-time bio feedback. We incorporate the Jim McLean 25% Theory which addresses long game, short game, management and mental game. Player’s unique physical capabilities are integrated into the instruction. Through video and data analysis we will identify areas that need improvement and develop and action plan for corrections.  The final two hours are on the course addressing course management, mental game, various course conditions and applying techniques developed in the morning session

$325 Member, $350 Guests. Minimum of two players, Maximum of three players.


Two Day Golf School

Mondays and Tuesdays Starting at 9:00

Five hours of daily coaching and learning. The first day is spent identifying areas of needed improvement, developing concepts, understanding, and implementing improvement plans.

A full range of data collection technologies are utilized including HD Golf (video, ball/swing data, and swing over lays), K-Vest 3D Motion capture as well Foresight GC Quad Launch Monitor. Each day includes two hours or more on the course.

The second day is review, access progress, reevaluate, adjust and take it to the course

$625 Member, Guests $675. Minimum of two players, Maximum of three players


Body Swing Connection

Two hour individual program includes online training port; swing data collection & assessment utilizing video analysis complete with overlays and K-Motion 3D motion capture with real time bio-feedback. Learn your golf fitness handicap, physical limitations and corrections complete with personal TPI portal complete with videos of individually prescribed workout program. Learn to make the Body Swing Connection, the relationship between the swing and physical abilities and restrictions.

$375 Members $450 Guests

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